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The 10 most frequently asked chip tuning questions

Our four RaceChip products cover the entire spectrum for electronic performance improvement, from entry level to premium product.You’ll find a precise comparison of our chip tuning products here.
RaceChip is placed between the motor controls and the motor sensors. We change the communication. RaceChip takes the current drive data from the motor and optimises it according to the driving situation. RaceChip influences things like injection amount, injection period, fuel injection timing and charging-air pressure. The optimisation leads to improved engine power and enhanced performance that results in fuel savings.
Yes. Every RaceChip is specially designed and programmed for an engine and the corresponding controls. This provides optimal adjustment and performance development for your vehicle.
At RaceChip we specifically program our optimisation software for the particular engine in which our product is being installed for performance optimisation.For this reason, unlimited re-use of our chip tuning products is only possible if the new vehicle has exactly the same engine.If this is not the case, then please contact our customer service to ask about the options and costs associated with using one of our chip tuning products in a new vehicle.In most cases, we’ll offer you the option of reprogramming your RaceChip product to suit your new vehicle. This means we will load the respective RaceChip optimisation software onto the product and deliver the connection cable required for installation in your new vehicle to you.For a reprogramming, the hardware must still be in a fully functioning condition.
Yes, by adapted driving behaviour, RaceChip can greatly reduce fuel consumption. The increased torque, which primarily takes place in the lower and mid-RPM range, allows your transmission to upshift sooner, meaning that your vehicle is driven with a lower overall RPM value.
Yes.The engine develops more torque and power, and this increases the strain.HOWEVER: engines are laid out for more power by the manufacturer. This allows the manufacturer to offer even higher performance levels and integrate future developments into the existing components. Further, increased strain only occurs during full power utilisation.Because RaceChip only turns on when you really need the power (e.g., during acceleration), then components like the engine, clutch, transmission and brakes are only pushed to technically prudent levels. All of the protective functions (emergency programme) remain intact. It is recommended for any type of motor tuning to always perform regular maintenance, such as drive belt, oil changes, etc.When properly used, there is no reduction in life expectancy.If the full power output is used, then the strain on the engine increases. On the other hand, the overall RPM level and resulting inner friction in the engine can be lowered through the optimised torque behaviour.
RaceChip can be used worry-free with diesel particulate filters. Our modules are designed for problem-free use even with series vehicles with DPFs.
Yes. RaceChip products are designed for problem-free installation with the aid of our instructions and videos provided.In some individual cases where users have issues, our customer service is available for advice.
Yes! As soon as you’ve completely uninstalled the RaceChip product and all plug connections are connected in the original condition, then the vehicle is in series condition.

The 10 most frequently asked throttle tuning questions

Modern vehicles use electronic throttle pedals. The manufacturer defines the relationship between the position of the pedal and the throttle opening in the engine, and often sets up a slightly delayed, lethargic response to pedal movement. This is where RaceChip XLR comes in:The XLR’s Brainbox is inserted between the throttle pedal sensor and the ECU sensor. Signals coming from the throttle pedal are either amplified or attenuated, depending on the tuning stage selected. The result is that the time the engine takes to react is either shortened or lengthened.RaceChip XLR’s 7 tuning stages mean you can tune your engine’s responses to your taste. You can switch easily from relaxed, fuel-efficient reactions to sharp, eager responses like in a sports car.
RaceChip XLR doesn’t change the output of your engine, but it does change the engine’s responsiveness. You can access the power more immediately and directly by simply touching a button, and that makes XLR the ideal companion to RaceChip’s chip tuning modules. But XLR also functions superbly as a stand-alone product.
RaceChip XLR is different from other manufacturers’ throttle tuning products in several ways:Functional: XLR uses a state of the art processor that enables signals to be monitored and optimised with a high degree of accuracy. It is the only module on that market with a watchdog supervising its own functionality.Design and operation: RaceChip XLR’s design means it is easy and intuitive to use. The Controller with its rotating control lets the driver select one of the seven tuning stages available. As an additional feature, it is possible to control XLR from the RaceChip app as well.
Combining chip tuning and throttle tuning will help you access your car’s best performance. The significantly increased power and torque delivered by chip tuning go perfectly with optimised throttle response from XLR, and both will provide you with a thrilling driving experience.But you can also use XLR’s Eco tunings to make the most of your engine’s increased torque to reduce fuel consumption without sacrificing on comfort.Manufacturers set up the throttle pedal on their cars to please most drivers. RaceChip XLR lets you tune your car’s throttle response to suit you and the driving conditions you are in.
XLR can be installed in all modern cars. For about 20 years now, cars have been using electronic signals to transmit commands from the throttle pedal rather than cables. Throttle response is improved noticeably regardless of engine or gearbox.
Yes. You can change the throttle response on your car at any time. Choose between relaxed, fuel-efficient reactions in stages E and E+, and sharper, more precise responses in stages S to R+. Even when you’re driving. Please do not switch tuning stages while you are accelerating.
No, engine longevity is not influenced by XLR in any way. Wear and tear is not increased by XLR as well.
The manufacturer’s warranty is usually not affected by installing XLR. However, we recommend that you de-install XLR to allow your garage to service the car as a stock vehicle.
Yes, the product warranty on XLR is 2 years.
RaceChip XLR links with the app to deliver the best controllability. Select or change the tuning stage at any time using either the Controller that is included in the box or the RaceChip app.