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Once you experience the RaceChip effect, you’ll love the difference. 25-30% more power provides a noticeably more intense driving experience: more responsiveness, stronger acceleration, and authoritative mid-range punch. But it’s not just output going up; consumption also goes down – with RaceChip you don’t have to give up one for the other.
Performance chips from RaceChip are suitable for almost all modern diesel and turbocharged petrol engines. But they are also completely safe for your engine.

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RaceChip Ultimate

Our premium model. Unlock the full power potential in your car. Optionally: Control the power enhancement from your smartphone.

+30% Output
possible (1)
+30% Torque
possible (1)
MotorgarantieUp to -1L consumption
(per 100 km)
Connect (2)

from 5000 HKD

RaceChip Pro 2

Our bestseller in a second, improved generation.

+25% Output
possible (1)
+25% Torque
possible (1)
MotorgarantieUp to -1L consumption
(per 100 km)

from 3000 HKD

(1) Performance increase figures are maximum attainable values. Variations can occur.

(2) The Smartphone Connect feature is an optional add-on to the RaceChip Ultimate. It costs an additional 500 HKD and is available for many cars.